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As a Year 7 pupil said “There is always something exciting happening at LHS”.  We hope you enjoy browsing our website and that it will inspire you to come to visit us.

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Saturday 10th January 2015

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Year 8 science pupils were asked to complete leaflets that would advise people on the dangers of smoking and its impacts on your health.
A clay shoe made by a year 8 student. It joins a host of other tiny shoes made at LHS as part of the All Saints Church Christmas Tree Festival in Loughborough.
On their qualifying DofE expedition, each student team is expected to carry out an aim, involving investigation in the field as they go along their planned route, collecting evidence in whatever format they choose. They must then prepare a presentation on this aim upon their return. Here we have part of a presentation on Church Styles and Architecture in the White Peak by a Bronze Group from last season’s expeditions.
A biology summary poster to show how the body defends itself against pathogens created by a year 9 student.
Year 8 research on the origins and uses of Pi.
Year 8 pupils have been studying tourism in their Geography lessons. They created a short video clip to advertise a holiday destination.
Year 7s created an interesting snack using bread in their first practical food lesson. Here is a picnic basket made from bread by one of the girls.
Year 9 German beginners have been learning to talk about school. They reproduced their timetables in German and wrote about their school day.
An underwater themed composition exploring mark making and creative shading produced by a year 7 student.
An example of the Fluid Mosaic Model created by an AS Biologist.
A Year 11 English group have just completed their study of Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” as part of their GCSE preparation. The girls worked in groups to create an iMovie trailer about the text. The work entails students reviewing the novel and deciding what are the most important scenes from the novel to include in the trailer, and then to decide on the most effective text to add to the viewer’s understanding of what Steinbeck is exploring in his novel.
Year 9 have studied the work of Christian Aid as part of their religious studies syllabus. They examined where, when and why Christian Aid do their work. This is one of the wonderful PowerPoints which were produced.
A Year 9 Classical Civilisation class created iMovie trailers to accompany their study of Euripides’ Medea as part of their exploration of Greek theatre. The brief was to draw the attention of a modern audience to the timeless quality of Greek Tragedy.
Year 10 Textile Design Multimedia piece using a range of textile and art techniques based on the theme "There is always time for tea & cake".
An extract of a booklet created about semi-regular tessellations.
Two Year 11 girls created a video about how dissection has developed over time.
Year 7 took part in a day of cultural activities which included singing, dancing, playing drums, mask making and an eco fashion show. Pupils were introduced to African, Chinese and Sri Lankan masks and patterns. With a variety of materials each pupil produced their own mask interpretation. A very productive and exciting day for staff and pupils.
A Year 7 student created a wonderful video telling the story of Jane Eyre using Lego as part of her English homework.