TeenTech Success! 02.11.17

Update October 2017

Team SafeCase and Team ConductOvest traveled to Buckingham Palace with LHS Director of  ICT, Mr Singh, in October to receive their Teen Tech Awards from HRH Prince Andrew.

Please view the gallery to the right to see the fantastic photographs of the event, courtesy of TeenTech.

LES STEM Success 2017

Loughborough High School and Loughborough Grammar School have had an excellent year innovating exciting STEM projects. Many students have completed Bronze, Silver and Gold CREST Awards and have participated in Regional and National competitions!

7 STEM teams traveled to Ricoh Arena on the 22nd June for the Big Bang Competition West Midlands and 5 teams traveled as finalists for the Teentech Competition which was held at the prestigious Royal Society on the 26th June.

Four of the teams were from Loughborough High School:

  • iBeat is an App that can establish the pattern in which a heartbeat system occurs The app would measure the pulse over one minute. It would then convert this information into two formats: audio (making a clear sound for each beat) and L.E.D (a flash of light for each beat). This information would then be saved with a date and time stamp, if an irregular heartbeat is picked up this could be played back to a GP. The team were commended for their enthusiasm and have been selected as finalists for the Big Bang Competition. They will present to the judges at the NEC in 2018. Unfortunately, they did not make it through to the finals of Teentech but were given a Silver Teentech award.
  • Team ConductOvest – Katie, Antonia and Jayna’s idea was to create a lightweight jacket, with an app that works alongside it, in which the old, heavy equipment of a train conductor is swapped for modern, light technology that fits the same purpose. This is embedded into their jacket along with a few features of their own to make the day to day life of the train conductors and people in a volatile environment, easier and safer. They hope that this jacket/vest could also be used to enroll help in the event of a terror attack. They are now through to the finals of the Big Bang Competition and will present at the NEC in 2018. They were the finalists in the Wearable Technology Category for Teentech and WON! They will now travel to Buckingham Palace in Autumn for the award ceremony.
  • Project H.E.L.P. Amy, Maya and Ella have innovated an intelligent food bank, where food that would otherwise become food waste, is donated by local businesses and stored in special compartments. An RFID tag enables those in need of food to access and open only one compartment and have a cooked meal each day. They were unsuccessful in reaching the Big Bang Finals but did make it through for Teentech in the Future of Food category. They gave an amazing presentation, impressing no less than three rounds of VIP judges, but were narrowly beaten by a dissolving chewing gum concept in the Future of Food category.
  • Team SafeCase Meraam and Grace have designed a dynamic phone case which is embedded with security features that are designed to combat attacks against young women and stop the theft of the mobile phone whilst in use. The additional features of the case are linked to an app which can send an SOS to emergency contacts. The case also has a pepper spray nozzle incorporated within it, once the nozzle is pressed, lights and an alarm is activated. The app sends an SOS message to selected contacts as well as recording the attack for evidence. They are now through to the finals of the Big Bang Competition and will present at the NEC in 2018. They were also the finalists in the Digital Skills Category for Teentech and WON! They will have a breakfast meeting with Jonathon Young, Chief Information officer at FDM group and will also travel to Buckingham Palace in Autumn for the award ceremony

All teams have been working during lunchtimes and weekends in order to prototype their innovations. They have worked with STEM Ambassadors and have contacted professors and charities to help build their projects. 

All LES teams deserve credit and should be proud of their immense achievements. Thanks must also go to the LGS students and all the LES teachers and technicians who have supported the teams.