Tales from Holt Cottage by Alexandra Adams née Divine….. 16.06.17

Kathryn Adams, daughter of LHS old girl,  Alexandra Adams née Divine has this week launched her late mother’s book ‘Tales from Holt Cottage’. Alexandra’s lovely family came back to Loughborough and hosted a fascinating evening, sharing her mother’s stories, including lovely tales of her time at LHS and so much more about local history.

The family will also be hosting a stall on Loughborough Market on Saturday 17th June and would love to meet local people who may have known Alexandra or ‘Zandra’, as she was known, or perhaps attended the riding school. She is quite sure there are many more tales ready to be heard and documented!

Press Release

This collection of stories recounts the adventures of the Divine family who, shortly
after the end of World War II, moved into Holt Cottage in the town of Loughborough
and on the fringes of the future university. This book recounts their adventures as
they set up a small riding stable and their encounters with the people and animals it
brings into their yard. The Tales are seen through the eyes of Zandra Divine, whose
sharp eyes miss nothing and to whom the activities of unconventional parents and
grandparents, dotty aunts and a naughty little brother are a source of constant
bewilderment. Tales from Holt Cottage is an affectionate account of childhood and
family life in the 1950s.

Tales from Holt Cottage has been edited and compiled by Zandra’s daughter,
Kathryn, using Zandra’s childhood memories, and additional material (literally
discovered in the attic) written by Zandra’s own mother, making it the combined
oeuvre of three generations.

The Divine family lived ‘next door’ to The Holt, one of the earliest student residences
in Loughborough and Zandra’s father was a lecturer at Loughborough College of Art.
Tales from Holt Cottage contains many stories about Loughborough students.
Memories of the Quorn Hunt and Pony Club also pop up throughout the Tales. The
book contains 28 black and white photos which will transport readers back to life in
the 1950s.

The book is being distributed by York Publishing Services Ltd.
It can be purchased from:
• online at
• Amazon
• all good bookshops
also available in e-book format for both Kindle and as EPUB.

About the author: Alexandra Adams was born Alexandra Divine in 1938 in
Loughborough and was known thereafter as Zandra. The daughter of an art lecturer
(later Principal) of Loughborough Art College, she lived an idyllic childhood in Holt
Cottage, where her mother ran a small riding stable. Horses and ponies was to be a
theme throughout her life, as later, married to Richard Adams (inevitably one of the
students from ‘next door’), she towed a horse box around the Northumbrian
countryside, chasing after her daughter Elizabeth and her horse. She had two other
children, another Richard, and Kathryn, who managed to complete Tales from Holt
Cottage before Zandra lost her 13-year battle against breast cancer in 2017.

Contact: Kathryn Adams Tel: +41 79 691 8545
ISBN 978-0-9957427-0-3 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9957427-1-0 Kindle
ISBN 978-0-9957427-2-7 EPUB