Margaret Leigh 1925-2017 19.01.18

Margaret Leigh, a long serving member of staff and Deputy Head at Loughborough High School, sadly passed away on December 25th 2017 aged 92.

Margaret was educated at Rotherham County Grammar School and went on to study mathematics at Bedford College, gaining her Teaching diploma in 1948 at the London Institute of Education. After her first teaching post at the Southern Grammar School in Portsmouth, she arrived at LHS in September in 1952 and gave 29 years to educating girls here, her long and devoted service benefited the LHS community in a variety of ways.

In a tribute to Margaret, written in the 1982 school magazine after her retirement, she was described as the backbone of the school, her loyalty and commitment was sincerely appreciated and sadly missed.

This extract has been taken from the school magazine:

’29 years ago Miss Leigh joined the Mathematics department and was always a most patient, tolerant and sympathetic teacher of what for many proved to be a difficult subject. Miss Leigh was ever ready to help those who had problems with the subject and will long be remembered for her kindness and willingness to help. For many years Miss Leigh was an Upper Third form mistress: I am sure this was the kindest welcome possible to nervous Upper Third girls.

Miss Leigh was a friend to us all and especially since becoming Deputy Headmistress fifteen years ago she has made so many welcome when they joined the School, and supported and helped so many whilst at school. She has been a sort of guardian angel. She carried her responsibility as Deputy Headmistress masterfully – no one could have been more loyal, more selfless, more tactful, more ready to lend an ear or to use her encyclopedic knowledge of the community. Miss Leigh had that marvelous gift of organising others so that they did not know that they were being organised. Her sterling qualities are known to those who have worked with her – her loyalty, her total support and commitment, her kindness and her absolute integrity. nothing was ever too much trouble for her and we appreciate how great was Miss Leigh’s contribution to the smooth running of the School. Any task she undertook was meticulously carried out – and always with a smile. The debt owed to Miss Leigh by pupils and staff, past and present, is incalculable.’