Letter to the Times 01.05.12


The majority of the parents choosing to educate their daughters in single-sex schools do so because they recognise that this is the best way to avoid the stereotypical image of any subject as being predominantly studied by girls or boys.  This is in sharp contrast to Lord Lucas’ belief that girls’ schools need to do more to encourage girls into ‘boys’ subjects’ such as physics and engineering.

Lord Lucas also comments that ‘women find that nature and society send them home for ten years while having children’.  As a headmistress and mother of four children, I would absolutely refute this comment.  All-girls’ school educate girls to have a choice in how they organise their future lives and to make the decisions which are right for them.  The strong role models and self-belief provided by a single-sex school will ensure that girls continue to be successful and manage busy lives, taking no heed of the outdated view that this is not possible.

Gwen Byrom
Headmistress, Loughborough High School.