It’s up, up and away for Grace! 23.06.17

Year 12 Loughborough High School student and LGS CCF Air Cadet, Grace, has recently been promoted to Cadet Warrant Officer – the highest rank an Air Cadet can hold. She will be taking over from the previous Army Cadet RSM and will hold the most senior cadet rank at the LGS CCF contingent. Grace is the first LHS Student to achieve this rank and we are all extremely proud of her.

Grace began Air Cadets outside of school at age 13 and joined the LGS contingent at the start of year 12, working extremely hard to achieve this promotion. Throughout the year she has studied for various leadership courses, such as the Junior Leaders at RAF Wittering and a BTech Leadership Level 2 in Teamwork and Personal Development. She will now go on to do the Level 3 in Leadership and Management where she will enhance her knowledge of leading command tasks, taking drill and people management.

However, if that isn’t enough to keep Grace busy, she is also a Police Cadet outside of school – the Head Police Cadet in Charnwood! She assists with policing events such as Pride, Glastonbudget and Diwali and recently went to Germany to represent the Leicestershire Cadets, careering down a hill at great speed at the annual soap box race held in Krefeld! Grace also holds down a part-time job in a local restaurant too.

You would think that would be enough to keep her occupied, but no, Grace is studying Drama at A Level and actively involves herself in the LES Drama Productions, recently donning a blonde wig and co-starring in Grease as Sandy and coming up, will be Lady Bracknell in Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. Grace has been elected as the Senior Prefect for Drama and will be the Storer House director in the up-coming annual House Drama competition. In August she will travel up to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival to take part in the LES Drama production ‘Darling you are Marvellous’. Grace doesn’t just sing in drama productions, she is also a member of Cantilena, the senior girls’ choir at school, taking part in many performances throughout the year.

So what is next for Grace? Apart from Drama A level, she is also studying English and Geography and would like to pursue the route to a career in the police and eventually the Metropolitan Police Force, whether it be via university or a police apprenticeship.

Grace is very excited about her promotion to Cadet Warrant Officer, that officially begins in September and is looking forward to how she can contribute her ideas and leadership to the LGS contingent. LHS Students can join the LGS CCF in year 12 and Grace very much wants to encourage the younger students to join up, not only for the experience and opportunities it brings, but to let them know that it is completely possible to gain promotions and high ranks with commitment and hard work. She has definitely proved that!

For now though, Grace is looking forward to the summer holidays; will she be relaxing? – no! She will be taking part in an Air Cadet Leadership course at RAF Cranwell and completing her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award in an expedition to Snowdonia. We wish her the best of luck!