Holly wins Young Poet at Lord Lieutenant’s award ceremony 13.05.15

Young Poet of the Year

Over the coming four years the Lord-Lieutenant’s award will carry a special category dedicated to commemorating the centenary of the First World War. This year the special award is given to an individual who captures through the medium of poetry:
  • The mood of the nation
  • The horror of trench warfare
  • The camaraderie of soldiers
  • The sense of loss, and
  • The impact on family and loved ones

Category winner, Holly Cheeseman,

Holly’s poem is entitled “Now That He Is Gone”
That fateful day when we received that little yellow square,
That changed our lives forever, the old and new are beyond compare.
Everything is different, now he has gone.
I just can’t picture it, how will I carry on?
How long did he suffer? How did he die?
These questions will haunt me as time goes by.
I see him lying in a pool of crimson blood,
All alone in fields beyond fields and mud beyond mud.
I feel a sense of loss,
Amongst all sorts of terrible chaos.
Could I have done something? Could I have helped more,
In this devastating time of war?
The only thing that helps me is knowing,
That even though it is very hard going,
It’s not just us, others have lost too,
Because our loved ones are fighting for me and for you.