Classics Day for Adults 2016 07.10.16

Classics Day for Adults 5 November 2016

Parents and friends are invited to join us again for another Endowed Schools’ Classics Day.

There are two Latin sessions during the day (1 and 4), where you can choose from:

  • Complete Beginners Latin with Kieron Lomax (LHS) for those who have studied no Latin.
  • Continuing Beginners Latin with Gerard Stevens (LHS) for those who had an introduction to Latin as Complete Beginners before.
  • Intermediate Latin with Dr. Robert Fielden (LGS) for those who have studied some Latin.
  • Advanced Latin with Rachel Burn (LHS) for those who have a fair knowledge of Latin, reading texts of Pliny the Younger and Apuleius and discussing literary techniques.

The second session will be a lecture ‘Etruscans: Between the Greeks and the Romans’ by Dr. Nikolai Lipatov-Chicherin (LGS).

The third session will be devoted to Greek and Classical culture with a choice of:

  • Beginners Ancient Greek with Nick Pollock (LGS) for those who have studied no Greek before.
  • Advanced Ancient Greek with Dr. Nikolai Lipatov-Chicherin (LGS) for those who have studied Greek, reading Herodotus Book 6.

Greek pottery handling session with Philip Harper (LGS) (no language study involved in this option).


10.00 Arrive and welcome: Barrow Block, LGS

10.05 Session 1: Latin (Beginners /Continuing / Intermediate/ Advanced)

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Session 2: Lecture

12.30 Lunch

1.45 Session 3: Beginners Greek/ Advanced Greek / Greek Art

2.45 Session 4: Latin (as Session 1: Beginners /Continuing / Intermediate/ Advanced)

3.45 Tea and departure

If you would like to attend please download the application form here