Music teaching and coaching takes place in the Loughborough Schools Music department, which boasts some of the finest facilities in the country. We were awarded ‘All-Steinway School status’ in 2015, and the music department is extremely busy and highly inclusive.

The emphasis in class music lessons is on learning concepts through engaging in the creative aspects of music making. All pupils in years 7 and 8 have a weekly class music lesson (it is an option in year 9) and time is split between composing, performing and listening activities. Music at GCSE and A level offers pupils the opportunity to develop their musical skills further, with a high proportion of A level musicians opting to pursue their musical studies beyond school at conservatoire or university.

There is an extensive and diverse programme of music making running throughout the week and over the whole year, with over 70 ensembles and over 100 performance opportunities. Some activities are open to all, across all the Loughborough Schools Foundation, while access to others may be through audition or invitation. There is a separate music activities booklet which gives full details, and which is available in the music school. Everyone is welcomed to come along to our many concerts to see and hear the full range of orchestras, bands, ensembles and choirs. Many pupils already play a musical instrument by the time they arrive at senior school and if they wish to have tuition at school, or wish to begin an instrument, there is a team of over 30 individual music teachers who are specialists on every orchestral instrument (including percussion and harp) plus saxophone, guitar, piano, organ and singing.

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