Scholarships and Foundation Bursaries

Academic Awards

The Governors offer a number of scholarships and exhibitions at Year 7 which are awarded on academic merit. Very rarely at Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 scholarships may be available for truly exceptional performance in the entrance examination. All candidates are considered for these awards without the need for any further application. Scholarships are not awarded at Sixth Form.

It should be stressed that selection for awards is not affected in any way by whether or not the candidate is also applying for a full fee paying place. Academic merit is the criterion for scholarships and exhibitions.

Music Awards

We offer Music Scholarships which generally cover the cost of instrumental tuition on one or two instruments.

Further details of these awards are sent to those applicants requesting them. Applications will be considered in the December before the entrance exam in the January and suitably qualified candidates will be invited to attend an audition around the time of the entrance exam. If you wish to be considered for a Music Scholarship Audition, please indicate this on the school’s registration form and apply directly to the Music department.

Acceptance of a Place

Parents of girls accepted for places will be asked to pay a deposit on acceptance of the place offered.  In the event of this deposit not being received, the offer of a place will be withdrawn. The amount of the deposit is refunded to parents, when a student leaves the school.

Foundation Bursaries

A Brief Guide for Parents

Who is the scheme for?

The scheme helps able children whose parents cannot afford full independent school fees.  Awards are normally made only to those entering Year 7 or Year 12.

How much will parents be expected to contribute?

If your income is below a certain level a year you may have to pay very little towards the fees. The principles underlying the operation of the scheme are that parental income and assets must fall with a certain range to ensure eligibility and the amount of financial assistance provided each year by the Governors will be determined by the level of the parents’ income and assets in the preceding year.

Who will meet the remaining cost of the fees?

The Governors of the Loughborough Schools Foundation have bursary and bequest funds available. These funds will provide the money necessary to maintain the scheme. Funds are limited and it is not always possible to provide assistance to all those who are eligible. The contributions made by Governors to the school fees of those pupils who hold Foundation Bursaries will be reviewed annually and will always be at the discretion of the Governors.

How to apply?

To apply for assistance it is necessary to complete a form by the time of the entrance tests. Parents will know by the end of January whether or not a place is being awarded; the amount of any help offered at this stage is subject to the outcome of a home visit and to subsequent confirmation by the Bursary Committee. It is important to note that the academic merit of pupils as well as the financial situation of the parents will be taken into account when considering the award of foundation bursaries. It is not possible to offer support to all those parents whose financial circumstances warrant it.

For more information about Foundation Bursaries please click here.