Eco School

Eco School (Present)

Having enjoyed a two year term as Eco School Ambassadors the Eco team has continuously worked on a variety of projects, which will help keep LHS an Eco friendly school. They have had great success leading assemblies on energy saving and waste management; continuing their collaborative recycling project; as well as looking at schemes which will help the wider school community and beyond.

Looking to the future, the Eco team are now going to assess where LHS is and work towards achieving their next term as Eco School Ambassadors.

Eco School Ambassadors: History

Pupils and staff at the High School were delighted to be selected as Eco-Schools Ambassadors for 2013-2015. We were especially delighted to receive this award as only 11 schools nationwide received the award across primary, secondary, independent and maintained sectors in that year.

We started our Eco-Schools journey in March 2008. Since then we have worked hard to become 1 of 15,000 schools in the UK to become a member of the Eco-Schools organisation.

We started at Bronze level in 2008 and quickly were able to work our way up to Green Flag status in 2009.
LHS Eco group has worked together to implement a number of eco projects such as recycling just about everything we can get our hands on, encouraging green issues to be integrated into schemes of work throughout the curriculum, issues being discussed in extracurricular activities such as debating, water and energy saving schemes, links with Fairfield dining hall to promote reducing food waste, art projects, and the development of the Loughborough Schools Foundation Travel plan.

Our dream of having a fantastic eco garden was achieved with the financial support of the PA and East Midlands Airport community development fund and was constructed by one of our parent’s landscaping company.
Achieving Green Flag status took a huge team effort and many months of collecting information and planning a portfolio of evidence in order to show everything that we do at LHS along with meeting the criteria set out by Eco Schools. This included completing an action plan, adopting our eco code that is now displayed in every form room, having an up to date notice board, having regular meetings and raising awareness through assemblies and events such as the successful Swish. Eco-Schools have 9 topics, which are used to guide schools through to achieve Green Flag status and so we had to decide which of the 9 topics we should focus on and put into action.

At Loughborough High School we are always working towards reducing our carbon footprint and support of eco issues both locally and globally.