Senior Leadership Team

Acting Head
Mr S Thompson GRSM (Hons) LRAM ARAM MBA (London)

Director of Studies
Dr S Jackson BSc PhD (UMIST) CChem, MRSC
Miss C Hitchen MEng (Newcastle)

Assistant Head (Academic)
Mrs Rebecca Connick BSc (Leeds)

Assistant Head (Pastoral)
Miss V Standring BSc (Chester)

Heads of Year
Head of Year 7

Mrs J Day BSc (Manchester)

Head of Year 8
Miss J Anguiano-Gomez BSc, MRes MEd, (Granada)

Head of Year 9
Miss E Rees BSc (Leeds)

Head of Year 10
Miss H Latham BSc (Sheffield)

Head of Year 11
Mrs J Stubbs BSc (Nottingham)

Head of Sixth Form
Dr C Burnett BEng, PhD (Swansea)

Current Staff

Mrs K Murphy BA (Ulster)
Miss M Bidgood MA (Nottingham)
Dr M Ryan

Artist in Residence (Fine Art)
Mr Matthieu Leger BA (Falmouth)

Dr C Burnett BEng, PhD (Swansea)
Mrs R Burn MA (Cambridge)
Dr D Cladingboel BSc, PhD (Southampton)

Mrs R Burn MA (Cambridge)
Mr S Forde MA (Cork)
Mrs L McPherson BA (Hons) Bristol

Ms S Boon BA (Plymouth Dartington)
Miss R Hooper BA (Liverpool)

Mrs D Mansell BSc (Manchester)
Mr P Lodhia  BA(Hons) (Nottingham)

Miss E Bancroft BA (Hons) Oxford
Mrs J Evans BA (UCL)
Mrs L Harrison BA (Leeds Met)
Mr J Martin BA (Wales)
Mrs F Moore BEd (De Montfort Bedford)
Mrs A Palmer BA (Chester)
Mrs M Wooley BA(Hons) (Leicester)

Miss E Harvey BA(Hons) Birmingham
Mr R Lewis BSc Nottingham Trent

Mr A Moreton BA (Manchester)
Mrs J Day BSc (Manchester)
Miss A Forster BA (Hons) Nottingham
Miss V Standring BSc MSc (Chester)

Dr E Eadie BA (Birmingham) PhD (Cambridge)
Mrs J Bower-Gormley BA (Hull)
Dr D Cornell  BA (Hons) PhD (Durham)
Miss Y Kelleway PGCE

Information & Communications Technology
Mr J Singh BA (Coventry)
Mrs C Winship BSc (Reading)

Mrs J Beardsley BEng (Surrey)
Miss C Hitchen MEng (Newcastle)
Mr P Lodhia  BA(Hons) (Nottingham)
Miss R Mistry BSc (Warwick)
Mr G Needham MA (Liverpool)
Miss E Rees BSc (Leeds)
Miss C Shawcross BSc (Loughborough)
Mrs R Slade BSc (Hons) (Surrey)
Mr N Stevens BSc (York)
Mrs R Pancholi M.Eng (UCL)
Mr M Starkings BSc (Nottingham)

Modern Languages
Mrs A Lee BA (Nottingham)
Miss J Anguiano-Gomez BSc, MRes MEd, (Granada)
Miss J Hannah BA (Exeter)
Mr D Gough BA (Sheffield)
Mrs E Raouf BA (Salford)
Mrs M West MA (Swansea)

Language Assistants
Miss L Miano French Assistant
Miss S Cormehic German Assistant
Miss M Cordon Spanish Assistant

LSF School Music (click for full Loughborough Schools Music staff list)
Mr R West BA (Durham), MSc (Herts), LGSMD, LRSM, PGCertMusTech
Ms N Bouckley BA (Durham)

Mr N Ellum BA (Keele)
Mr C Price BA
Miss C Revell BMus (Huddersfield)
Mr Stuart Thompson MA (London)

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education
Mrs J Conway MA (Ulster)

Physical Education
Miss N Attwood BSc (Hons) Staffordshire
Miss S Griffin BSc (Loughborough)
Mrs R Powell
Miss A Quemby BSc(Northumbria at Newcastle)
Miss J Roberts PGCE
Miss V Standring BSc (Chester)

Mrs A Kenyon BA (Humberside)
Miss E Rees BSc (Leeds)

Religious Studies
Mrs J Lewis BA (Nottingham)
Mrs A Justice BEd (Warwick)
Miss G Thomas BA (Wales Trinity St David)

Mrs J Stubbs BSc (Nottingham)
Mrs M Ghaly BSc (Teesside)
Mrs J Pellereau MA (Cambridge) CSciTeach
Mr J Travis BSc (Leeds)

Dr D Cladingboel BSc PhD (Southampton)
Dr J Downing BSc, PhD (Bristol)
Dr S Jackson BSc, PhD (UMIST) CChem, MRSC
Miss H Latham BSc (Sheffield)
Miss C Page BSc (Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Mrs J Peart Grad Dip Phys (Guy’s)
Dr N Simmonds PhD (Leicester), MRes (Leicester), BSc (Leicester)
Miss C Todd BSc (Manchester)
Dr A Williamson BSc (Imperial College London)

Learning Support
Mrs E Johanson BA (Bradford)

Mrs G Burton BLS (Loughborough)

Mrs A Cannon RGN
Mrs S Chad­-Smith RGN
Mrs D Coward RGN

Examinations Officer
Mrs S English Level 4 Professional Certificate for Managing Examinations

E-Learning Coordinator
Mrs C Winship BSc (Reading)

PR, Communications & Events Manager
Ms L Shipman

P.A. to the Head
Miss C Hughes BA (Leicester)

Miss A Anderson BSc (Aston)

Data and Policy Manager
Miss A Burrows MA (Bangor)

Receptionist and Reprographics
Miss J Calow

Diary Manager and Receptionist
Miss H Ingam

Charity Coordinator
Ms L Shipman

Voluntary Service Unit Coordinator
Dr A Williamson BSc (Imperial College London)

ICT Support
Mr S Dickman

Art / Food Technician
Mrs J Pheby

Modern Languages Technician
Mrs A Shepherd

Laboratory Technicians
Mrs E Fraser BSc (DMU)
Mrs K Bedwell BSc (De Montfort) MSc (Loughborough)
Mrs L Deamer BSc (Loughborough)
Mrs L Hirst

LHS Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Coordinator
Miss Rebecca Bull

Bursary Foundation Secretary and Treasurer
Mr J Doherty ISBA

Foundation and Schools’ Accountant
Mr R Harker BA (Coventry) FCA

Facilities Manager
Mr D Fenn

Director of Operations
Mr R Grant

Estates Officer
Mr Lee Dobson

IT Director
Mr R Smeeton

Compliance Officer
Mr G Leeson BSc (Northumbria)

HR Manager
Mrs K E James BA(Hons) Lincolnshire and Humberside, PgDip (LP)

Commercial and Marketing Manager
Mrs G Collicutt BA (Nottingham)

Head of Development and External Relations
Mrs J Harker

LSF Shop Manager
Mrs J Gurney

Mrs J Johnstone Operations Manager – Catering & Events
Mrs F Coltman Catering Manager Fairfield Kitchen