Aims and Values


We aim:

To provide an excellent academic education in a caring and supportive atmosphere;

To give opportunities for each pupil to develop not only intellectually but also creatively, spiritually and morally;

To create conditions in which initiative and independent thought and inquiry are welcomed and a lifelong enjoyment of learning is cultivated;

To foster good standards of behaviour and mature, responsible, considerate attitudes both in and out of school;

To encourage all pupils to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities which encourage personal and physical development and which inculcate a sense of self belief and esteem;

To provide opportunities for pupils to act as leaders in the school community and to work together with the wider community;

To ensure, as far as possible, that pupils are equipped to face the challenges and demands of life beyond school, becoming active citizens of the 21st century.


The school recognises the value of each pupil as an individual, and the importance of nurturing every aspect of their personality – intellectual, creative, emotional, physical and spiritual. Tolerance and support for each other and the beliefs of the individuals within the community are key to our community.

We encourage the pupils at all times to discuss topics which are causing concern with the relevant staff, and we work together with parents to provide a secure and supportive environment where all ages, backgrounds and religions can thrive.

We believe that our pupils are shown that the basic standards of good behaviour require them to be considerate, polite, respectful and helpful towards each other. They learn to recognise the need to be responsible and reliable, to show loyalty appropriately and to support each other constructively.