A warm welcome to Loughborough High School where it is my great pleasure and privilege to be the Acting Head. We believe that our purpose is to equip our pupils for the lives they will lead beyond school and to develop in them the confidence and skills necessary to become valued members of society.  We want them to be able to recognise and seize the opportunities life will offer them and to have the flexibility to adapt to the rapid changes in life in the 21st century.

We celebrate our rich history and traditions and we value hard work and academic achievement.  We also recognise that a broad education, encompassing an extensive range of extra curricular activities, is essential in developing young people who are intellectually fulfilled, healthy and happy. Whatever the interests of our pupils we aim to nurture and develop them, whilst providing opportunities for new experiences and challenges, all within a friendly, supportive community.

Life at LHS is busy, productive and fun, and an environment where pupils and staff enjoy learning and working together and the community celebrates others’ success.

I hope to meet you and your family soon.

Stuart Thompson

Acting Head