A Level Results 2017

“This year, seeing the extensive reforms of the A level system, was always going to be a challenge for students and their teachers. I am delighted that LHS girls have again gone above and beyond to achieve an excellent set of results which have secured them first-rate university and work places. They and their families can be very proud of all they have achieved.”

– Gwen Byrom, Head of Loughborough High School


In common with dozens of other major independent schools across the country, the Loughborough Schools Foundatio have decided that they will no longer feature in the league tables published by national newspapers for GCSE and A Level.

The fact that so many schools are absent undermines the relevance of the tables. Furthermore, league tables take no account of a school’s context and therefore, the position of a school reflects how selective it is rather than its quality of its teaching and learning. In addition, the league tables take just one criterion as a measure of a school’s worth; they take no account of a school’s success in creating well-rounded, happy and motivated young people, which is vitally important in an age where the mental health of young people can be precarious.

We are pleased to share GCSE and A Level results on our websites as below. We believe that the tables of results we supply are much more informative than a single statistic chosen by a newspaper.

Results summary

A* to A46.5%
A* to B81.4%
A* to C98.4%
A* to D100%


  • 9 students have achieved 2 or more A*
  • 5 students have achieved all A* grades
  • 3 students have achieved 4A*
  • 22 students (27.8%) have gained all A/A* in their A levels
  • 5 students have got places to study at Cambridge


Livvy Tomkins is delighted with a stunning set of results; three A*s in Economics, Mathematics and Chemistry and an A in her EPQ. Livvy has combined her studies throughout her school career, with rigorous tennis training and competition schedule and has recently taken part in the Aegon British Tour. She has been awarded a tennis scholarship to Durham University and will be studying Economics.








An emotional moment for Anna Rothberg and her mum, they were ecstatic at her excellent achievement of 4 A*s in Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Chemistry. Anna’s hard work and determination has reaped its rewards; she will be studying Natural Sciences at Durham University.










Tessa Northcott will be studying Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds having achieved A,B,B in Biology, Chemistry and Home Economics.







There will be exciting times ahead for our two Deputy Head Girls, Olivia and Irina. First Team, hockey player, Olivia Davidson, will be reading Law at the University of Exeter in the Autumn. Olivia was very pleased with her result of A*, A, A in Biology, Government and Politics and Chemistry. Fellow Deputy Head Girl, Irina Ferapontova, will be studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge after her excellent success of 4 A*s in Biology, Russian, Mathematics and Chemistry plus an A* in her EPQ which researched ‘biology markers in ageing’.






Elizabeth Bedwell and her mum are absolutely delighted at her stunning set of results. Elizabeth achieved 4 A*s in Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Chemistry. Elizabeth is a busy student outside of school and alongside her studies, is the British Schools Orienteering Champion and took part in the World Schools’ event, she has also been a Scouts Young Leader and a violinist to grade 6! Elizabeth will be studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.






Having deservedly achieved her grades, Jemima Woolley is very thrilled to be going on to study Fashion Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University in the Autumn.











Alice Reid worked hard to achieve her 4 A levels in Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Spanish. She has decided to take a year out to gain experience in the care industry before applying to study Medicine in 2018.






Friends (from left) Nathalie Kerr, Eleanor Higton and Emily MacGregor celebrate their brilliant successes together. All three students achieved excellent grades and are going on to study their chosen courses. Nathalie will be studying Politics and International Relations at the University of Warwick after gaining A,A,A* and A* in her EPQ, Eleanor will be studying Dance at the Creative Academy in Slough and Emily, who achieved 3 A grades, will be studying Politics at the University of Manchester.




Maddie Reed was delighted with her results after what has been a tough 18 months. Having been diagnosed with a heart condition prior to her 2016 A levels, Maddie re-took Year 13 and was dealt a second blow, when she was struck down with tonsillitis and glandular fever in the run up to taking her A levels this year. Despite this, her perseverance and determination has been rewarded with spectacular results, achieving three As and an A*, earning her place at Durham University to read Economics.






Harriet Swift is delighted that her hard work has paid off, securing her a place at her first choice University; she will be studying English at the University of Nottingham.








Alika Dijkstra is thrilled to have gained her place to read Medicine at the University of Sheffield. Alika received an impressive set of results – 3 As in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.







Nandini Lad and her proud Mum are delighted that after all her hard work, Nandini has achieved an excellent set of results – three A*s in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry and B in her EPQ. Nandini is spending a year in industry and will be working in research at Proctor & Gamble, before studying Chemistry with Industrial Experience at the University of Birmingham in 2018.








Becky Kroon opening her fabulous results. Becky has achieved a well-deserved place at the University of Birmingham to study Drama.