The school library is a well-stocked resources area with over 15,000 books and pupils are encouraged to use it for academic research and for recreational reading. The library’s search facility is available as an app on the school iPads and all pupils are trained on how to search for library material. The pupils have their own log in and can check their loans, reserve items and even write reviews. We also have an eBook library and the pupils are given help on how to download the eBooks to their iPads.

The librarian and library prefects are pleased to help with any queries from the pupils and the librarian is available at break and lunch times to give help and advice.

A wide range of magazines and on-line resources is available which provides access to current information. We encourage everyone to make the most of the facilities that the library has to offer.

The library is used by the sixth form as a study base and by classes when carrying out research. There is also a separate sixth form study room with study tables, coffee machine and bean bags and is a quiet, but more relaxed area – the ideal place to curl up with a good book! At lunchtime it functions as the Genius Bar for pupils who need help with their iPads.