Year 7

Entry to Year 7 at Loughborough High School

Parents who are considering Loughborough High School for their child are encouraged to visit the school and to meet a member of the Senior Leadership Team. We suggest that they attend the open day and that they also request a tour of the school on a working day. We believe that this enables them to gain a sense of the character and atmosphere of the school as well as to see the facilities and to talk to staff and current pupils and sixth form students and that they will then be well placed to decide whether Loughborough High School is a school where they feel that their child would be happy and thrive.

The examination for entry to year 7 in September 2019 will be held on 12 January 2019. If you would like your child to sit the entrance examination please complete and return the registration form as soon as possible. It is helpful to receive applications by the end of November.


Please address all admissions enquiries to the Registrar, Miss Alison Anderson, on 01509 212348 or by email to [email protected]

The aim of the entrance examination is to assess, as far as possible, real academic potential, and to find out whether the candidate has the range of ability to enable them to cope happily and successfully with the courses which the school offers.

We do not expect the candidate to have received special preparation or coaching to take the examinations.

We do expect the candidate to be familiar with the material for the National Curriculum, but not necessarily to have followed it.

Candidates are assessed by examination in Mathematics, English and non-verbal reasoning. We also request a report from the candidate’s current school, although the candidate will not be penalised if this is not provided. We invite parents of candidates with additional needs or disabilities which may need to be considered for their entrance exam sitting to discuss these needs with the school as early as possible so that appropriate adjustments can be considered. A recent expert report, for example, an educational psychologist’s report confirming dyslexia or a medical report confirming a disability would need to be submitted to the school for consideration by the November preceding the entrance exam.

Entry to Year 7 Examination details

The entrance examination consists of written papers in English and Mathematics. There will also be a non-verbal reasoning test.


The ability to understand written passages is tested by means of comprehension questions. These will require, for example, the explanation of the writer’s meaning, the drawing of reasonable inferences and understanding and explaining the meanings of words.

The ability to write well is tested by means of a composition. Qualities looked for are the ability to convey meaning clearly, to write in an interesting manner, and to show evidence of liveliness, originality, imagination and thoughtfulness. The use of a wide vocabulary, a variety of sentence structure and a reasonable standard of spelling and punctuation will be expected.


The questions are intended to test the candidates’ powers of reasoning and their ability to apply mathematical concepts. The requirements are:

A sound knowledge of multiplication tables

The metric measurements of length, area, volume and weight

Fractions, decimals and whole numbers

The four operations applied to the above including long multiplication and division of numbers

Simple sequences

The reading and construction of graphs

Symmetry applied to solids and shapes


Angle measure and angles in a triangle


Simple proportion


Simple formulae in words

Speed, distance and time

Area of rectangles

Basic algebra

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The questions are intended to assess the candidate’s innate abilities.  There is no requirement to have experience of this type of assessment although there are books of similar tests available from most major bookshops which may be helpful. If your child would like to practise, we recommend Bond 11+ practice papers published by Nelson Thornes which are similar, but not necessarily the same, as those used in our entrance exam.

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